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What kind of studio photography lights should I buy

February 23, 2011 Photography

If you are new to off camera lighting, you might have a lot of questions. You might be intimidated at all the different equipment and you might think all over your head. I get questions all the time about "what lights to buy".

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Using wide angle lenses to make objects larger than they appear

February 21, 2011 Photography

Behind the scenes writeup of the photoshoot and editing and the Danboard Presidents Day photo.

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106 inch HDTV Home Theater with PC for around $1000

February 21, 2008 Reviews

If you know what to buy, you can get an amazing home theater for very cheap! Here are some tips on putting together a great 106" HD system with computer, for around $1000.

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Tierney Rides The Ultimate Long Board!

August 4, 2005 Extreme Sports

Team Louish meets The Tierney Ride. Our team trys out the new board, and to our amaze, it feels just like snowboarding! An ultimate rush!

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