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Tierney Rides The Ultimate Long Board!

August 4, 2005 Extreme Sports

Team Louish meets The Tierney Ride. Our team trys out the new board, and to our amaze, it feels just like snowboarding! An ultimate rush!   
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Team Louish

Team Louish Meets the Tierney Ride

When our team first got our hands on the Tierney Ride,
our first impression was, "Another Flow Board
type product". That was until we actually
rode it. Everything about it is completely
different than any other board we
have ever ridden. Riding these
Tierney boards has become a
complete addiction. During
the summer, about 6 of our
team riders would regularly Long
Board/Flow Board about once a week for a couple hours. For the past month, since we've received our first Tierney Ride, we have been boarding about 4 - 5 times a week, for about 3 - 4 hours each time, and everyone fights over who's riding which board. No one even touches the Flow Board any more. For the ultimate down hill, extreme speed, no high-speed wobble, hard carving that can replicate the carve from snow boarding, and a soft, smooth ride, can only come from these Tierney boards.

"The Tierney Ride is the closest thing to snow boarding
that I have ever experienced" - Clint D. Team Louish

Urethane Wheels or Rubber Wheels?
Well it all depends... If your staying in skate parks, or parking lots, or smaller short hills, urethane is better. (or thats what we prefer) We keep rubber wheels on our 41" green tboard, and ever time we bomb hills, we all fight over who gets to ride it. We usually keep urethane wheels on our red, shorter board. If your planning on going down hills, faster than 15mph, your going to want to get a set of rubber wheels. You can carve harder, the ride is smoother, and the rubber sticks to the road so it much less likely to slide out on a hard carve. We have boarded plenty with full urethane wheels down hills at speeds over 25 mph, its just nicer and we feel safer on rubbers. If you don't replace both wheels, at least replace the back wheel. We've safely gone 45 mph with a rubber wheel in back, and a urethane wheel in front, but we highly recommend 2 rubber wheels. The fastest we've gone, or I should say, the fastest the road would let us, has been 60mpg on 2 rubber wheels on a 10 percent grade hill... nice (until we got pulled over by the cops)
No speed wobble.. that's what it's all about. I took the long board (without the Tierney wheels) and got major road rash from high speed wobble about a week ago. Once we put the Tierney wheels on the long board, I'm riding down much faster, with no speed wobble, and with much more control than a regular long board. It's much easier to slow down at higher speeds by carving.
Danny J.

Using the Tierney
Trucks/Wheels on other boards

We wanted to see what it would be like to put the Tierney trucks on a longer board. We did, and it was better than expected. As soon as we put the wheels on our 55" long board, we instantly took our green 41" Tierney board, flipped around the back wheel, drilled more bolt holes, backed it up 1.5". Now the span between the wheels on the green board is almost identical to the span of the wheels on a 55". I personally like the green 41" board better cause it feels easier to carve, more control.
Tierney boards are much like other things I know; you should probably wear protection, but it feels so much better not to. There is nothing like carving down a steep, smooth road at 45 mph and having the rubbers grip the asphalt like a snow board edge grabs the mountain. Flying freely down in a pair of Vans, dodging cones and cars makes my day every time.
Danny B.

Tierney Rides - The Ultimate Long Board! Team Louish meets The Tierney Ride. Our team trys out the new board, and to our amaze, it feels just like snowboarding! An ultimate rush!  


5 May 2008 - 13:23:02 - actionisle

I have a flowboard, it is fun, but this board does look like it would do better downhill.

No speed wobbles would be nice.