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Photo Spotlight Behind the scenese RadioPopper JrX Stick Velcro Mount solution

August 24, 2010 Portfolio

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Team Louish

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I have 2 RadioPopper JrX studio transmitters, and 4 RadioPopper JrX studio receivers. One problem I often run into is keeping track of group A, B, and C. I bought some stickers from Walmart and cut out little rectangles of solid colors from the stickers and attached to the underside of each dial on the transmitter. I have 2 transmitters, so I only put stickers on my "master" transmitter. The other transmitter would be the "assistant transmitter" and I have "enable level updates" disabled so my 2nd transmitter does not effect the levels of the flashes. I attached another sticker on each receiver so I can easily see which receiver goes with which dial. On the RPCube, I added velcro to both sides (the sides that don't have the 3.5mm jack and the phone jack). I also have velcro on the back of each transmitter. The reason I put 2 strips of velcro on the RPCubes, is because sometimes my lightstand mount gets in the way of velcroing the receiver to the RPcube. With velcro on both sides, I can easily choose the side that works better. Keeping the receiver velcroed to the RPcube makes the connection with the 3.5mm cable much more reliable.

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Photo Spotlight - RadioPopper JrX Sticker & Velcro Mount solution

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Photo Spotlight - Behind the scenese RadioPopper JrX Stick Velcro Mount solution   


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