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Photo Spotlight Levitation Photography Behind the scenes

February 27, 2014 Portfolio

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Team Louish

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Here is the first look at this shots behind the scenes pics. Multiple photos were combined to get the underside of the shoes in the reflections to get a true reflection image.

Levitation shot over a lake with levitation reflection. This was my first levitation over water, we had two cameras setup for backup, the other camera had a better shot of the reflection (which was why we did it over water) but this angle was better with the clouds and mountain and rocks. Next time, I would switch it to portrait mode instead of landscape so I could get a full view of the reflection. (Since the reflection in the photo is completely real.)

You must also get a shot without the ladders without moving the tripod/camera so you can mask out the ladders correctly.

Two 580ex II's on left ground with white shoot through umbrella to help a little with filling the shadow. Triggered with RadioPopper JrX. Take with a 5D Mark II with 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.

Photo Spotlight - Levitation Photography Behind the scenes