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March 5, 2011 Portfolio

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Team Louish

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Day 63 of 365

I almost totally gave up today. No ideas... actually most my pictures I just sit there.. wondering what else I could take a picture of... like yesterdays VOSS water bottle. I was literally sitting there, no clue.. I walked back upstairs, saw the bottle sitting there, so I just grabbed it and took the pic. Yesterdays picture took like 2 minutes to take. This picture (after I came up with the idea) took about 1-2 minutes to take. Its just coming up with this idea... every... single... day.... that takes forever.

The photo is taken on blue paper. I just ripped through the blue paper then chrome keyed it out. I was originally going to have me popping out of a photo of a beach or something... but I didn't like the way it looked. So I just did it against orange... and I even finished editing it, uploaded it to Flickr.. and when I saw it on flickr, I thought.. "Hmm.. that would have been cool if it was against white cause it would have looked like I was coming out of the webpage"... then it hit me.. coming out of the flickr homepage! So I quickly deleted the photo I just uploaded and started editing all over. Took a screen shot of Flickr against white (meaning, I had to change my wallpaper on my computer to white cause Windows 7 has transparent windows and a screen capture would have shown the background around the edges). Most the editing in this photo was the warping of the webpage around the tears to make it look more real. Like the search box and stuff. Also, this is the first picture I ever uploaded that isn't 25 mega pixel! lol (since I resized the pic to match the website, hehe)

Today was my first day using my new USB Follow Focus... WOW! What an amazing device. If you haven't seen this thing, check it out here: This new follow focus is so amazing. It literally lets you control almost every setting on the camera all from the device and a USB cable. I usually always have my camera hooked up to an HDMI monitor, but I always had to walk back to the camera to adjust settings or focus, etc.. Now with this USB Follow Focus, I have a 20 foot USB cable and I can look at the HDMI monitor and control every. I can enable video mode, focus, change aperture, shutter, ISO, zoom into x10 for the fine tuning of focusing and I can move around the focus points, etc.. It's worth every penny. (If you hook a laptop up to your camera and use the EOS utility to control your camera, you get all the same settings, so this is just eliminating the computer)

Strobist, Alienbees B800 with white shoot through umbrella on camera right and 300w light on left with white shoot through umbrella. Triggered with RadioPopper JrX. 5DMKii with 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens

Photo Spotlight - Flickr Tear