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Photo Spotlight Meghan and Kyle Underwater Pool Jump

October 22, 2010 Portfolio

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Team Louish

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Some friends of ours wanted to do a photo like our underwater pool jump photoshoot we did, so we went to the local pool and recreated it for them. We kept getting in trouble for diving in the pool!

Strobist Info:
Canon Speedlite 580ex II on the left and 580ex II on the right, 1/2 power. Triggered with RadioPoppers in a DiCAPac underware case slr bag. The flashes were in 2 ziplock bags each.

Photo taken and edited by Louish Pixel
Louish.Pixel 888-7-LOUISH

5D Mark II
EF 16-35 f/2.8L
ISO 50
Focal Length 35mm

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Photo Spotlight - Meghan and Kyle Underwater Pool Jump